About The Brand

We are the only company in Australia to offer beautiful curvy woman activewear of excellent quality that is functionally fitted for sizes ranging from 10-38.

Founder and Designer Brenda Keane created her line of activewear for curvy women because she noticed the demand for functional and fun designs made of good quality that wasn’t offered by standard ranges. 

With this in mind the activewear has been made to be:

  • Funky, Edgy and Colourful (big tick)
  • fit anybody - sizes 10-38
  • stay up - so they have a high wide waistband and include a tie (big tick)
  • squat-proof - well sewn and not see-through when stretched (big tick) 
  • be a quality material - they wash, dry and wear well over and over (big tick)
  • no chafing - have flat seams (big tick)
  • included a multipurpose pocket for your phone, credit card etc! (another big tick)
  • 12-15mmHg compression power in the leggings for improved circulation while training (big tick)
  • 50+ UPF rating (Big tick)


The #bekeane activewear range can be worn all day with comfort whether you are out for a walk, off to yoga, boot camp, running or out for coffee. They have even been road tested to chill on the couch watching a movie and passed with flying colours.

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