Bekeane's Why!

May 31, 2022

Bekeane's Why!

BeKeane Activewear was born out of a need for leggings and tops that were of high quality fabrics and made well, with pockets, high waists and ties, and funky fun prints.
During a weight loss journey I discovered there were no well known activewear brands going above a size 16. In fact, I was turned away from one shop as they had "nothing of my size"!
I didn't want anyone else to feel humiliated or be disheartened because there was nothing for them. I also hated the size label and knew many others did too, so we use names for sizes (there is no standard sizes in the industry). We range from a Primrose (6) to a Voluptuous (38).
I myself, the Founder and Director am curvy and have ridden the size up and down diet hamster wheel and so have an inside understanding of what is required to fit women and girls with curves properly!
The prints are fun and funky, but we also have some serious black options.
We are very proud of our quality and have yet to have any leggings in 5 years returned due to a manufacturer issue.
I used my experience as a personal trainer to ensure that the leggings have everything needed if you are going to work out in them.
They are squat proof and they don't fall down or ride up!
I wanted to share with you our Mission Statement, our values and our vision to give a bit more incite into the why and how of our business:
Our Mission statement is:
BeKeane Activewear will create a range of activewear for EVERYbody accommodating their functional needs. Our products will be of high quality fabric, ethically sourced and excellent craftsmanship. They will always be fun, functional and inclusive. They will make everyone look and feel fabulous.
BeKeane Activewear supports diversity and inclusion in sports and endeavours to give back to those lesser known sports. We also support causes which have impacted us personally. We work to raise funds and awareness for these sports and charities that provide a safe space for everyone.
If you are interested to know what we see as our values, these are ours - we always strive to be  
• kind,
• patient
• honest
• genuine, allowing everyone to be their true self
• work with suppliers, manufacturers and other brands with similar values
And our vision is:
To see BeKeane Activewear as a global brand, and household name/go to for inclusive, quality activewear! To be able to continue to give back through the sale of our activewear and make a difference one pair of leggings at a time!
The Bekeane woman is EVERY woman of all shapes and sizes who likes to be a bit sassy and bad-assy! She is fun and supports other women and if she doesn’t love her body she is learning to and working hard at it xx

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