Embracing Movement: Sherol's Journey to Fitness and Friendship

October 24, 2023

Embracing Movement: Sherol's Journey to Fitness and Friendship

Today we are introducing a guest blogger to share her story in my blog page.
I met Sherol through She's The Boss and we decided to collaborate and share our stories with our communities as we both want to encourage women to partake in movement and in a physical activity they enjoy and put themselves 1st for once.
We all know when you feel comfortable and feel like you fit in or belong then exercising can be fun! Sometimes we need a group to help with motivation and so the keepactive website can help you through their network to find a group by connecting you to activities and events. Brenda


Growing up in the stunning islands of Fiji as an Indian girl, being into fitness and sports wasn't really encouraged, especially for girls. It felt like the idea of being active was mostly for boys. Exercise was always connected to losing weight, which for me, being on the heavier side, made my relationship with exercise a negative experience.

Back in school, I did have moments of joy playing hockey, badminton, and swimming. But as I got older, the expectations from society and my own thoughts about myself made getting fit a real challenge. Going to the gym became a time of self-reflection, often not in a good way. Mirrors reflecting my own image often become a source of self-reflection, again not always in a positive light. It made me feel inadequate or out of place. I wanted something that made me genuinely excited about exercising, not something I felt forced into.

When I hit my forties, I decided to reconnect with exercise. I met a group of supportive women playing badminton at their own pace, and it sparked something in me. I had always preferred exercising socially, like salsa and group exercise classes, compared to solo workouts. Playing badminton in a group made the activity enjoyable and additionally the group had a positive environment where there was no pressure to win games, just be yourself and have fun. I started joining them regularly, and overtime I changed how I saw fitness. I realised how important the social part of being active was for me. It was more than just the game; it was the friendships, the laughter, and the shared moments.

But after a year, the group disbanded, leaving a gap in my routine. I missed the regular dose of fitness mixed with social interaction. It made me realise how tough it is to consistently find people for social sports. Groups come and go, and keeping everyone motivated to play presents its own challenges. To sum it up, my journey has shown me that fitness is about finding what you love, defying expectations, and building connections that nourish both your body and soul. It's about celebrating who you are and enjoying the ride, no matter where it takes you.

KeepActive: Building Connections and Experiences in a Digital Age

I started KeepActive, an online platform to help connect people to find active recreational and social sports options near them. These activities fill the gap in our tech-focused world, bringing people together. It's more than just exercise; it's about finding a community, making connections, and feeling like you belong.

These activities provide a safe space where we can celebrate movement, accept our bodies, and enjoy the company of people who understand us. They take us away from screens, back to the simple joy of playing, where we can be ourselves without any apologies.

Our Focus: Experiences and Connections

There are many groups in our communities providing such experiences but in an increasingly digital world, finding these activities can be a challenge. With a local activities search, we help organisers promote these activities. Similarly, events are often useful in setting a goal to strive for self-motivation or to try out an activity.  It's not just about the activity; it's about the shared moments, the laughter, the challenges, and the triumphs - it's about being part of something larger than oneself.

Final words

The gender exercise gap is real in Australia. KeepActive strives to bridge the gap by helping people discover fun new ways to get active. By making the experiences social and fun, we can encourage more women to get active.  We're dedicated to helping you find your tribe, stay active, and cultivate connections that bring meaning and happiness to your life. Let's journey together, celebrating movement, fostering friendships, and making lasting memories.

Try our activity search to find local walking groups, badminton groups, running groups, tennis groups and more.

Or alternatively, try our event search for family events, fun runs, half marathons, sports come-n-try-days and other local events to inspire you to get active.


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