Time for reflection

June 06, 2024

Time for reflection

As I sat on an early morning flight to Sydney for a full on day of learning how to PR myself (which I knew would be high energy due to the Host of the event!) I closed my eyes and sat quietly....
Well as quietly as it can be on a plane, the engine roaring, people coughing, sneezing, talking, cabin crew up and down the aisle walking with purpose in both directions.
I opened my eyes for a minute to glance out the window (I always aim for a window seat), and saw the most beautiful sunrise appearing.
In that moment I was thankful for the chance to see such a beautiful sunrise and grateful that I could attend the PR in one day course. There was also a stand up speakers show on Friday night so it would be a fun few days.
I notice too the smells around me, someone with too much aftershave or cologne and I am aware of the man next to me who is a smoker. I often wonder if people who smoke are aware of how they smell of the pungent smoke and how it is assaulting my nose, to the point where it is uncomfortable to smell and so I am trying to breath through my mouth. I also suddenly realise I did not put on deodorant so will need to do that once I can move freely again.
I can also smell my coffee which I am so grateful for at this early hour.
I think the planes are getting smaller as my knees almost touch the seat in front and I am not tall, our row of three is very cosy and we are all trying hard to shrink ourselves, think of the dinosaur with the short arms that's how I currently feel, and the tray table is on a lean cause there is no way it is able to sit flat with my belly in the way.
I am grateful I will only be uncomfortable for an hour and I will be at the airport ready to take on the next leg .... so back to the mindful rest and sunset for now. Brenda

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