What is it that holds you back?

September 13, 2020

What is it that holds you back?

I recently read a comment from Jo Stone of Blissful Breadwinner which was posted in a Facebook group about weeding our garden or our brains of the thoughts and beliefs that hold us back.
She talks about being able to just weed out those beliefs that don't serve us and hold us back.
She asked what is the one weed that if it was removed we would be unstoppable? And so I responded...
That I am not worthy enough, or smart enough to play with the big players!
I have always struggled with self-confidence, growing up I wasn't pretty enough, thin enough, popular enough, sporty enough and so it goes.
I was cheated on by someone I thought was the one and not just once. This just fed the "I'm just not enough" voice in my head. I saw it as a failing in me and did not at the time realise that's what it was in them.
Move forward through many life experiences and I started to realise I am worthy enough and always have been.
In fact, my business and I just won the Rising Star category at the Ausmumpreneurs Awards.
Again though I did doubt myself and wonder if I was worthy to be amongst all these amazing, smart, strong business women.
Due to Covid the awards had to be held online in virtual ceremonies during a 4-day convention. It was run beautifully by the women who lead the Ausmumpreneur community. They are such supportive and welcoming women and have created a community of women from all walks of life, with the most amazing stories of how and why their businesses were started. Many of these stories were shared over the 4 days and tears and laughter was shared.
My story too was shared and connections told me they were inspired by me. I am so proud of what I have built so far and where we are going. They were surprised when I shared my lack of confidence and sense of "imposter syndrome" for want of a better description. They felt I was confident and smart and resilient and that they could learn from me.
I know I am worthy of success. I have worked hard for it, and I now know I am worthy to be amongst other aspiring and inspiring business women and share my knowledge and experiences.
So I am weeding my garden of the self-doubt and pulling out any unworthy thoughts scattered and I am growing more confidence, and worthiness!

Brenda xx
Check out the Ausmumpreneur Awards here:  https://ausmumpreneur.com/ 

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