Why do we feel the need to compare?

June 02, 2020

Why do we feel the need to compare?

As I was walking along the beach today and picking up shells as I often do, I thought about the different shells and their different purposes. They are all different shapes and sizes and no two are alike.

The shells shape is often determined by its purpose. Is it to be someone's home? Will it hold a muscle or a scallop? Will it make a pearl?! All these shells are different shapes, and I'm figuring they don't spend all day wondering about their shape or comparing themselves to another shell. They just go about being shells.
Like a shell, we are all born different and again no two are alike - (well identical twins maybe, but I'm sure also have small differences not seen by the eye).
We are all unique and all have a purpose, and we should realise we don't need to compare ourselves to anyone else.
A shell is often changed by their journeys, by the sea and the sand when swept to shore. Often the sand will etch new ridges, chips may appear, seagrass may grow on its back or other shells even attach themselves and the shell has to carry these along with them. When at the shore they may be collected or damaged and broken by people's feet, but they just go on about their business of being shells, they don't compare journeys.
Humans too are changed by their life journeys. They may gather chips from small hurts or experiences that change them a little, or they may have to carry others. It could their own family, a parent, a friend needing their support, they could be damaged and broken by experience and some will carry on and manage and perhaps even become stronger. Others will compare their journey, their successes to others and this is where we need to learn to be more like shells. Everyone's journey is different and so there can be no comparison. You can't compare things that are different, to begin with. It really makes me sad when someone compares their success to someone else's and feels their success is less ☚ī¸
Everything that makes you feel good, or you have strived to achieve or even on your journey still to achieve. Never feel your success, your life experience, or your journey is less than anyone else's. Don't compare yours to someone else's. You are an individual and cannot be compared to anyone else on an uneven scale!
Just remember you are unique, you are confident you are amazing!
Brenda x

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