Learning new things during Covid-19 self isolation

May 19, 2020

Learning new things during Covid-19 self isolation

I have to admit that as I move into my 10th week of working from home, I did not find the first weeks easy.

I have always wanted to work more from home and there is that saying "be careful what you wish for". I was not prepared for what it would be like to have every day the same. Almost like Groundhog Day. EAT WORK SLEEP REPEAT. Not leaving the house except for groceries, medicine or a local walk.

I can't remember how many weeks in but I decided I needed to have some things to look forward to and not to waste the extra time I had at home and so I have been learning some new skills. There are some new courses around. I have been learning watercolour painting and this has been a free course and I'm loving it.

I have also tried a slow sewing class where we made a square which can then be used to make other things like coasters, placemats or a patchwork quilt. They look like this:

I have also done some crocheting, learning Italian on Duolingo... that's not going so well, and I have been trying to stick to my online yoga and do some meditation to be mindful.

I have attended a fantastic hip hop dance class and attended some zoom talks on great and interesting topics.

My friends and I have been joining an online Trivia competition on a Thursday Night which is loads of fun. We still can't win, but we enjoy the time laughing and being together virtually.

I have had zoom 50th and 60th birthdays and have survived well all things considered.

I don't know when I will no longer work from home or what the normal will be, but I hope this gives you a few ideas of things around which could help you use the time you have at home and have things to look forward to... Even visits from your close family and friends in 5's now.

Would love to hear what you have been doing and how you have stayed busy.

Brenda x

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