Day 14 Social distancing and WFH

April 07, 2020 1 Comment

Day 14 Social distancing and WFH

I set the alarm as I know I need to shower. No, I didn't shower yesterday I didn't have the energy.
But as I lie here in bed urging myself to get up, I'll be honest it's a struggle!
I have no idea why but I'm finding working from home exhausting.
It shouldn't be... No commute, no people picking nails and coughing and sneezing, short walk to the coffee and all the snacks. Oh yes, all the snacks!
I need to push through and get up and in that shower but at the same time we are so comfy.
Bring on day 14! I will wear pants. Well, #bekeane leggings my leggings of choice ๐Ÿ˜‰and dress for the occasion.
I have always wanted to work a day or two from home and so should feel super happy about this new arrangement in our "strange new world" but I don't even know really what I am feeling... It seems a mix of happy, calm, panic, overthinking. Way too much overthinking.
I have come up with some strategies to help me manage the days. Some may seem weird to you but for me, it's helping.
I am normally a fly by the seat of your pants type of girl in my home life and super organised project manager type at work. I'm finding now I need a bit of routine.
Here are my current strategies. You never know, one or two may help you too!
1. Get up at the same time everyday and shower (or wash face etc)
2. Dress for the day even though I'm only moving between rooms where there will be video conference calls (on weekdays) and video catchups (on weekends)

3. Have a plan for the day. I have a "today list" (or get shit done list thanks, Michelle Redfern)

4. Have breakfast and really try to have normal meals and breaks

5. If working from home or sitting around, get up and stretch and walk around every hour

6. Have a regular one hour walk outside (30 mins is the recommendation) I walk at the beach as this calms me and I will explain why in a blog to come

7. Have a set start and finish time. I was finding I was spending way longer working as I was home and the commute to the lounge room wasn't too far

8. If you don't have a hobby maybe get one. I have a couple. I sew, I have an adult colouring book, I crochet, and I play a few online games

9. Stay in touch with your friends by having FaceTime or Zoom catchups. It makes it so much nicer to see a face! Have a theme each time. I currently have a standing 5 pm catch up on messenger. We watch The Chase and comment as if we are all there together.ย 

10. Don't forget a bit of self-care - I have started yoga online and meditation. I'm terrible at both but I started this practice in Bali at a retreat and it does help calm the noise. Another thing I do here is a face mask or hair mask and just chill for the time it takes to work. It's magic! We are actually going to be introducing some amazing masks and bath soaks so keep a lookout.

11. Every day I write three things I am thankful for. Today they are 1. I have a warm safe home 2. My family which includes my mum and sisters and their families are well and safe. 3. I have beautiful friends to connect with online.

There are loads of ideas online to help us all through and I think we all need to help each other wherever we can and in general.
Just BE KIND to each other.

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Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones

May 23, 2020

Great to see you back blogging again Brenda

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