Ten life lessons you will learn on the Camino de Santiago

April 13, 2020 2 Comments

Ten life lessons you will learn on the Camino de Santiago

Lesson 1: The Camino is self-improvement
Lesson 2: The weight of the material and spiritual
  • The material
  • The spiritual
Lesson 3: You will understand how important the Camino is

Lesson 4: The Camino is achieving small goals
Lesson 5: Effort is personal and non-transferable
Lesson 6: The secret of not doing anything
Lesson 7: Santiago puts your problems into perspective
Lesson 8: It will show you how to improvise and accept
Lesson 9: You will learn about the power of a new day
Lesson 10: On the Camino you will learn to go forward without fear

As we spend our Easter Sunday in isolation this year with one chocolate bunny each, I am reminded of what we really do need both to live and also live happily.
I find myself reflecting on my Camino de Santiago journey and the lessons I learnt along the way.
I was told the Camino would change me but I never realised how much and also how strong the pull is to go back. It's hard to explain to those who have never
experienced it but it's really like an unanswered yearning in your heart.
One of my biggest life lessons was how little we actually need. I realised how the material things I worked hard to obtain meant very little and were in deed not the things that actually made me happy.
My back pack was full along with a suitcase too. I felt I needed all these things just in case. What I did learn was I didn't really need any of it and would always get by.
The truth I discovered for me was I needed far less in the day to day walk and far less once I got home.
The simple act of getting up every day and walking, enjoying the views, the ever changing path, the people and the animals along the easy, along with the company of the women I had travelled with was all I needed along the journey from Leon to Santiago to make me happy.
The current journeys from my bedroom, to the lounge room, the desk, the kitchen, the daily beach walk and home cooked meals are so similar in every way except the view is not really changing too much.
I do notice some new things when travelling the familiar trails between my rooms.
- A plant outside a window I hadn't noticed before
- The sound of the rain on the tin roof
- How occasionally an acorn drops from the big tree outside and rolls down the roof
- Shells along the shore that are still in tact. I guess less traffic. I bring one home every day.
With this isolated living we are currently experiencing, it reminds me how little I really need to be happy. I am thankful for the internet and to be able to connect with friends and family, and this makes me happy and the connection is not material.
Home cooked meals is something I do enjoy and this is simple to make and enjoy.
I don't need much in clothing as I'm wearing the same things a lot of the time (no where to dress up for).
There are jigsaws, colouring, reading, gardening, walks, and internet to keep me amused and chats with friends. Material things are just not important in bringing me happiness.
I have also found helping others brings me happiness as I feel my life is blessed. Our leggings give back to a few different charities and at this time I have joined the Rona Scrubs team. Making scrubs for our healthcare workers makes me feel happy. I feel this time is teaching us and me many lessons.
Mine are how to reconnect, what we value in our lives, what we do and don't need, how to cook again, how to be kind to each other, how to support those who need help and finally and maybe most importantly, taking time out to look after ourselves, be present, time to breathe and rest or try some home facials, scrubs or baths and most importantly of all, listen to what your body needs ❤️

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Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones

May 23, 2020

I love this Brenda. I definitely left my attachment to material possessions on the Camino. Will share

Penny Schubert
Penny Schubert

May 23, 2020

Thank you, really enjoyed this read.Tbought provoking .

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